Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii Used Vinyl Record D274A

Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii Used Vinyl Record D274A

Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii Used Vinyl Record D274A
Visually this disk may have light-visible wear, marks, and or hairlines. When playing some surface noise may be evident, especially in the quiet soft passages and during the intro and fade, but the surface noise will not overpower the sound. The label on the disk is likely to have minor wear and possibly writing on the label. The Sleeve Condition is Very Good Plus. This sleeve may have light wear on the edges or minor sleeve splits, it may have very light visible circle wear or light wear and some minor creasing.

It could have, label wear, sellotape, stickers, writing, or other minor visible issues. The Tracks of this item include: 1. Almost Always True 2:24 3. Aloha Oe 1:54 4.

No More 2:22 5. Can't Help Falling In Love 2:59 6. Rock-A-Hula Baby 1:58 7. Moonlight Swim 2:18 8. Ku-u-i-po Hawaiian Sweetheart 2:20 9.

Ito Eats 1:25 10. Slicin' Sand 1:34 11.

Hawaiian Sunset 2:30 12. Beach Boy Blues 2:00 13. Island Of Love Kauai 2:40 14. Hawaiian Wedding Song 2:48 We Use Stock Images Because we have over 2 million items for sale we have to use stock images, this listing does not include the actual image of the item for sale.

For example: some of our stock images include stickers, labels, price tags, hyper stickers, obi's, promotional messages, signatures and or writing which may not be available in the actual item. Vinyl Record disc colour Stock images can show a black, coloured, or picture disc. Disc Version Vinyl discs are released in many editions and variations, such as standard edition, re-issue, demonstration demo, not for sale, promotional promo, special edition, limited edition, and many other editions and versions. The disc you receive could be any of these editions or variations. The Outer Sleeve When we describe the sleeve condition in this listing, we are describing the outer sleeve only, specifically, it does not describe the inner sleeve unless explicitly referenced.

The Inner Sleeve Almost all of our vinyl discs will include either an original inner sleeve, or a plain inner sleeve, or a printed inner sleeve, which we provide with the sole purpose of protecting the record. However, inner sleeves are notorious for being replaced or damaged, such as edge splits. Hairlines If we reference a hairlines, it means it is a light line on the disc that looks like a hair. Hairlines are different to scratches or wear.

A hairline is lighter and has limited and less impact on the playing quality, whereas wear or a scratch can cause some level of clicks, pops or interference when playing. Record Grading Our Records are graded by the worldwide record industry standard called the'Record Grading 101: Understanding The Goldmine Grading Guide'. Search this term on Google if you have any queries about how sellers and collectors grade vinyl records. Gift Ideas This is a great gift idea. Hours of Service We have many warehouses, some of the warehouses process orders seven days a week, but the Administration Support Staff are located at a head office location, outside of the warehouses, and typically work only Monday to Friday.

If we have resources available we will share images. Location ID 274z iHaveit SKU ID 122786633 Unique Reference Number 2375282014. This item is in the category "Music\Vinyl Records". The seller is "ihaveitusa" and is located in this country: US.

This item can be shipped to United States.

Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii Used Vinyl Record D274A

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