Elvis Presley Audiophile 45 Speed 10 Lp Set Plus 33/13 Live Memphis + Girl Happy

Elvis Presley Audiophile 45 Speed 10 Lp Set Plus 33/13 Live Memphis + Girl Happy

Elvis Presley Audiophile 45 Speed 10 Lp Set Plus 33/13 Live Memphis + Girl Happy
ELVIS PRESLEY - 45 SPEED COLLECTION - Of course cutting at 45 speed is the audiophile choice for the highest quality. A 45-RPM record is sonically superior to a 33 1/3 variety because of a 35 percent reduction of groove curvature compared to a 33 1/3 cut.. It means that while you can't fit as much music into a 45, the undukations of the groove that your cartridge has to track are stretched over a longer distance. For these reissues, the music was displaced onto two sides, meaning each side contains about 10+ minutes of music. The only way you'll get closer to this classic music is to listen to the master tapes or have been in the studio with the artist originally during the actual session. PLUS ADDITIONAL BONUS BONUS OF THE 180 GRAM AUDIOPHILE LP SET OF LIVE ON STAGE IN MEMPHIS 4 LP SET + THE SOUNDTRACK GIRL HAPPY. High-definition 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl pressing for superior fidelity. The nicest thing you can do for your stylus and your ears. The ultimate record -- the way music was meant to be heard and of superior quality. You should never pass up the opportunity to upgrade your collection.

They're each very limited in their pressings and disappear with extraordinary quickness from the vinyl market. This causes prices to skyrocket because once they are gone, they are gone forever! Don't second-guess yourself with this chance to upgrade your collection because before you know it, the opportunity will have passed forever.

Elvis Presley Elvis 24 Karat Hits! Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs of All Time - "Love Me Tender" - Rated 444/500! Mastered By George Marino at Sterling Sound.

Elvis' 24 greatest recordings painstakingly compiled and remastered from the original one-, two- and three-track master tapes lovingly stored in the vaults of RCA-Victor. All the hits are here from "Heartbreak Hotel" to Suspicious Minds. Elvis as we've never heard him before.

'Love Me Tender' was the theme song from the first Elvis movie and represented a new sound for the King. He sang in his softest voice, accompanied only by his own acoustic guitar.

The melody came from the Civil War-era ballad'Aura Lee. Rolling Stone Features: 200g 45rpm Triple Vinyl Mastered by George Marino Pressed at Quality Record Pressings 9 Tracks in Original Mono, 15 Tracks in Stereo! Selections: LP1: Side One: 1. Don't Be Cruel - with the Jordanaires (mono) 4. Hound Dog - with the Jordanaires (mono) Side Two: 1.

A Big Hunk O' Love - with the Jordanaires (mono) 2. All Shook Up - with the Jordanaires (mono) 3. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear - with the Jordanaires (mono) 4.

Wear My Ring Around Your Neck - with the Jordanaires (mono) LP2: Side Three: 1. Love Me Tender (stereo) 2. Stuck On You (stereo) 3.

It's Now Or Never (stereo) Side Four: 1. - with the Jordanaires (stereo) 2. Surrender - with the Jordanaires (stereo) 3. (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame (stereo) 4. Little Sister (stereo) LP3: Side Five: 1. Can't Help Falling In Love (stereo) 2. Good Luck Charm - with the Jordanaires (stereo) 3. She's Not You - with the Jordanaires (stereo) 4. Return To Sender - with the Jordanaires (stereo) Side Six: 1. (You're The) Devil In Disguise - with the Jordanaires (stereo) 2. Crying In The Chapel - with the Jordanaires (stereo) 3. In The Ghetto (stereo) 4. Elvis Presley Elvis' Golden Records Volume 3 INDIVIDUALLY Numbered Limited Edition 180g 45rpm 2LP. Mastered by Bernie Grundman from the Original Analog Master Tapes & Pressed at RTI!

Numbered Deluxe Laminated Gatefold Jackets! Elvis Aaron Presley was born during the Great Depression into a poor family in Mississippi.

They moved to Memphis during the early fifties, and as a struggling young truck driver, Elvis cut some demos at Sun Studios as a gift for his beloved mother Gladys. These initial songs, of which he had only paid a few dollars to record, would become the catalyst that would kick-start the beginnings of a soon to be worldwide superstar unlike the world has ever known. The folks at RCA Victor knew that this young fellow named Elvis was destined for superstardom.

He would eventually become the most successful solo artist of all time! For the remainder of the 1950s, Elvis Presley would release several more hit albums, smash singles and movies before spending time in the Army. Ever proving that he was indeed on top of his game, RCA Victor awarded their superstar artist and his fans with the Kings first greatest hits collection Elvis Golden Records.

Like the two volumes before it, Elvis' Golden Records Vol. 3 was a groundbreaking release in that no one in rock & roll up to that point, other than Elvis, had ever legitimately earned a second greatest hits compilation, much less a third. 3 contains eight Top Five A-sides along with four B-sides which also made the Top 40. Five of those A-sides--"Stuck on You, " "It's Now or Never, " Are You Lonesome Tonight? " "Surrender, " and "Good Luck Charm--went to #1.

Out of all the records Elvis Presley made, this is one of the absolute audiophile classics among his catalog. And the songs every one of them are worth inclusion in any collection. Don't miss a true classic.

Features: Numbered Deluxe Laminated Double Gatefold Jackets Audiophile 180g, 45rpm Vinyl Double LP Pressed at RTI Mastered by Bernie Grundman from the Original Analog Master Tapes! It's Now Or Never 2. I Feel So Bad LP 2 1. Are You Lonesome Tonight 2. Anything That's Part of You 6.

Elvis Presley Stereo 57 Essential Elvis Volume 2 200g 45rpm 2LP. Michael Fremer Rated 9/10 Music, 10/10 Sonics in his June 2013 reviews on analogplanet. Nearly Lost to History, Elvis 2-Track Masters Saved by Chance! Now Presented as a Double LP Cut at 45 RPM and Pressed on 200 Gram Vinyl at Quality Record Pressings! Mastered at Sterling Sound Deluxe gatefold jacket The discovery of these 2-track masters comprising Stereo 57 - The Essential Elvis Volume 2, is nothing short of a miracle, and this 200-gram pressing cut at 45 RPM from Quality Record Pressings sounds so astonishing, your jaw will hit the floor! From the moment Elvis began working with a new song, sound engineer Thorne Norgar had the 15 ips mono tape machine rolling simultaneously with a 2-track protection copy. The machines weren't switched to pause until Elvis was satisfied with the take. A couple of years before the advent of the stereo LP in mid-1958, major record companies were experimenting with stereophonic recordings, often refered to then as binaural.

Studios were using the new Ampex 2-track tape recorders for other purposes, such as for recording session back-ups. But few Elvis fans know how close history came to permanently losing these precious audio glimpses of a young Elvis engrossed in the creative process. Founded in 1933, Radio Recorders of Los Angeles was the preeminent recording studio of its day, and its director of recording, long-time engineer Thorne Nogar, engineered all of the Elvis sessions from 1955 to 1961. Some of popular music's greatest hits: "Jailhouse Rock, " "All Shook Up, " "Loving You, " and "Teddy Bear, " are just a few of the blockbusters that Nogar oversaw Elvis record at the studios, located at 7000 Santa Monica Blvd. Elvis would be right in the center of everything, at every recording session, Nogar would later recall.

Like with the Jordanaires when he sang, we would set it up with a unidirectional mike, so he would be standing right in front of them, facing them, and they would have their own directional microphone and they would be singing to one another. The 2-tracks from which this record was pressed could not have sounded better, and there was no one more careful, more experienced and technically skilled to record these historic sessions than Nogar, says Acoustic Sounds' founder and CEO Chad Kassem. Yet one day years later when Thorne was "cleaning out" his tapes closet, remarkably, he set these 2-track backup tapes aside, intending to dispose of them. Noted producer Bones Howe had worked for Nogar as a tape operator at Radio Recorders, and thanks to him the tapes were saved from a final resting place in the trash can.

Bones took the tapes home with him. He'd put them safely away in a bank vault. These 2-tracks have "erase" clearly written on the master log sheets.

They're from January 1957 sessions at which Presley produced material for two EPs and the film "Loving You" soundtrack. They're the only known ones surviving from the pre-stereo era. RCA's Essential Elvis series was a vehicle for the release of Presley's alternate takes. On this double LP set, listeners hear Presley at work, refining band arrangements and working through the nuances of his vocal performance.

The LP reveals the Jordanaires voices' sparkling with a natural lifelike sound that's both sonically rich and detailed. The Jordanaires, a vocal quartet originally formed as a gospel group in 1948, gained fame largely for being Elvis' background singers, both in live appearances and recordings, from 1956 to 1972. If discovering these rare, almost lost recorded treasures weren't enough, the sound reproduction puts this release over the top!

When the Jordanaires sing "Peace in the Valley, " you'll swear you're hearing a melody sent from heaven. An audiophile's prayer come true! There are a number of first and second takes, during which Presley and his backing musicians make tentative passes at the material.

As the record progresses, arrangements take shape and Presley, growing more confident that a keeper take is imminent, sings with more enthusiasm. Throughout, Presley is heard directing the proceedings and demonstrating a lot of "aw shucks" charm in the process, goofing with band members and laughing through his and others', flubs. Like other reissues pressed by QRP, this magnificent 200-gram LP is notable for its absolutely silent background. The vocal harmonies are tingle-inducing, life-sized and utterly natural. For serious Elvis fans and anyone else interested in the creative process, Volume 2 meets the first definition of "essential" as well as the second: it's indispensable stuff.

The second volume of Essential Elvis offers Elvis in binaural stereo from the January 1957 sessions that produced several hits. This is a lot of fun; the gaffes are numerous, obvious, and hilarious, and for ears raised on multi-track recording, it must be amazing to hear an entire record recorded live in the studio! For Elvis fans, so utterly transparent and pure are these recordings, it's as if Elvis has been resurrected.

[B]eautifully produced double 45rpm reissue of safety work product cut from the analog master tapes... [T]here's still plenty of interest in Elvis Presley and for those who are big fans, this represents both a treasure trove of unreleased (or at least unfamiliar) performances and/or partial takes rendered with sonics that are nothing short of astonishing. It's as if Elvis Presley is lurking behind your speakers singing just for you. While it's playing, it's 1957, Elvis, the Jordanaires and the band are alive at Radio Records and you are there. When it's over you'll want to go back.

Music 9/10, Sound 10/10 Features: 45rpm 200g Vinyl LP Pressed at Quality Record Pressings Mastered At Sterling Sound Deluxe Gatefold Jacket Absolutely Silent Background Selections: LP1 - Side 1: 1. I Beg Of You (Take 1) 2. Is It So Strange (Take 1) 3. Have I Told You Lately That I Love (Take 2) 4.

It Is No Secret (What God Can Do) (Takes 1,2,3) LP1 - Side 2: 1. Blueberry Hill (Take 2) 2. Mean Woman Blues (Take 14) 3. There'll Be Peace In The Valley (Takes 2,3) 4. Have I Told You Lately I Love You (Take 6) LP2 - Side 3: 1.

Blueberry Hill (Take 7) 2. That's When Your Heartaches Begin (Takes 4,5,6) 3.

Is It So Strange (Takes 7,11) LP2 - Side 4: 1. I Beg Of You (Takes 6,8) 2. Peace In The Valley (Take 7) 3. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (Takes 12,13) 4. I Beg Of You (Take 12).

Elvis Presley Elvis Is Back! Mastered By George Marino at Sterling Sound and pressed on 45rpm 180 Gram Double Vinyl for the Best Sound! The ultra-hyped, hugely celebrated return of the King most certainly did not disappoint. During his military service, Elvis fans waited anxiously for new material. Record label executives worried about whether he'd still be able to crank out the hits.

Radio stations were dying for something new for their most requested playlist. It all combined to mount tremendous pressure on Elvis and all involved to deliver something that lived up to expectations.

As it turned out, it was worthy of a giant yellow exclamation point on the front cover! Almost immediately after his service time had ended, Elvis entered the studio in March 1960 to record a batch of songs that would go on to become monumental worldwide hits. The singles "Are You Lonesome Tonight" and "It's Now Or Never" created a tidal wave of excitement. And the LP tracks like "Fever, " "The Thrill Of Your Love, " "Dirty, Dirty Feeling" and "Like A Baby" confirmed that the King was still able to deliver a whole program worth of incomparable material.

Listen to "Fever" at 45 RPM if you want to show someone what this hobby of yours is all about. Just vocals, bass and finger-snapping, it sounds so dark and haunting. It's worth the price of admission for just this one track alone. During the King's artistically unproductive period of military service, no costs or efforts were spared and no consolatory promises of things to come were left unsaid by the management in order to keep Elvis alive and well in the minds of his vast circle of fans. At last the great coup was landed: Elvis Is Back was what everyone was waiting to hear and American radio and television broadcasting stations made a gigantic medial feast of it.

With the ink scarcely dry on his demobilization papers, Elvis entered the studio in March 1960 and recorded a whole series of numbers which later became worldwide hits, such as "Are You Lonesome Tonight" and It's Now Or Never. " Released as singles, these tender ballads created a sensation, while the LP with numbers such as "Dirty, Dirty Feeling, " "Like A Baby" and "The Thrill Of Your Love underlined Elvis' enhanced qualities as a rock, blues and gospel singer. That his voice - despite everyone's fears - had lost nothing of its erotic thrill is more than amply demonstrated in his rendering of "Fever" alone, which is accompanied merely by bass and percussion. Features: 45rpm 180g Vinyl Double Gatefold jacket Musicians: Elvis Presley, vocals, guitar Scotty Moore, guitar Hank Garland, guitar D.

Fontana, drums Murray Harman, drums Floyd Cramer, piano Bob Moore, bass Homer "Boots" Randolph, sax Selections: 1. Make Me Know It 2.

The Girl of My Best Friend 4. I Will Be Home Again 5. The Thrill of Your Love 7.

It Feels So Right 10. Girl Next Door Went A'Walkig 11. Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock 180g 12 33/45rpm Vinyl EP. Dual Speed Album - 33rpm Side A, 45rpm Side B! First Time Available On 12 Vinyl In This Format! This is a dual speed, 12 inch at 150 gram, 33 1/3 RPM on the A side and 45 RPM on the B side. Released in the fall of 1957 as a 7" single, backed with "Treat Me Nice and was Number One on the U. This is the first time this is available on 12vinyl in this format. It's Elvis Presley sounding better than ever and is sure to generate great interest from collectors, as well as Elvis fans and music lovers. On Jailhouse Rock, taken from the original soundtrack of the movie, Elvis sings all five of the songs which were written especially for the film. There is the throbbing title song, Jailhouse Rock, which opens the album, followed by Young and Beautiful, I Want to Be Free, Don't Leave Me Now, and Baby I Don't Care... All in the inimitable style of this exceptional young singer and actor, Elvis Presley. " - from original liner notes In the fall of 1957 "Jailhouse Rock" was first released in the US as a single backed with "Treat Me Nice and was #1 for seven weeks. Early in 1958 it entered the British charts at number one, making it the first single ever to do so and remained there for three weeks. "Jailhouse Rock" also spent some time at the top of the Country and the R&B charts. Jailhouse Rock was not released as an LP although it contains some of Elvis's best songs.

The Jailhouse Rock tunes are unassailable - the writing and production team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller played prominent roles in the making of the soundtrack. The pair took over the recording sessions, serving as unofficial producers of "Jailhouse Rock, " "Treat Me Nice, " "(You're So Square) Baby, I Don't Care, " and other tunes. Their collaboration with Elvis and his musicians on "Jailhouse Rock" resulted in the singer's hardest-rocking movie song. Fontana once noted about his drum playing on the record, I tried to think of someone on a chain gang smashing rocks. " The performance in the film of the title song by the young and sensual, "dangerous Elvis complete with chorus boys dressed as convicts is legendary.

One of the best of Presley's films, Jailhouse Rock is a perfect balance of song and story - seldom would Elvis be so well showcased in the future. Elvis Presley's songs have become an integral part of American culture. All were interpreted and recorded by one of the most successful performers American popular music has ever seen. The Jailhouse Rock EP soundtrack is a classic example of the "early" Elvis on the rise to super-stardom. Features: 180g Vinyl Dual Speed 33 1/3rpm on side A; 45rpm on side B Selections: Side A - 33 1/3rpm: 1. I Want to Be Free 4. Don't Leave Me Now 5. (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care Side B - 45rpm: 1. (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care. BONUS 33&1/3 - 180 GRAM LP SECTION. Elvis Presley Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis 40TH ANNIVERSARY 180 GRAM LIMITED EDITION Import 4LP SET. 40th Anniversary 4LP Legacy Edition! Contains Previously Unreleased Tracks and Test Run! Includes 16-Page Booklet Featuring Rare Photos, Previously Unseen Memorabilia, and more! When originally released as a single LP, Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis reached #1 on the Country charts and featured "How Great Thou Art, " the track that would bring Elvis his third Grammy win.

This luxury quadruple vinyl reissue contains a previously unreleased "Test Run" of the entire show recorded with a live audience at the Richmond Coliseum a few days before the legendary concert. The remarkable "test run" performance was recorded in MONO, drenched in the reverb Elvis preferred, and provides new insight into the magic of Elvis. As a special added bonus for Elvis aficionados, Music On Vinyl has included five intimate tracks (three of them previously unreleased) cut at the RCA Studios in Hollywood on August 16, 1974.

Originally intended as reference recordings for an upcoming Las Vegas engagement, the performances-which include "Down In The Alley, " "Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues, " "Softly As I Leave You, " "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" and "The Twelfth Of Never" - provide a rare fly-on-the-wall glimpse into Elvis' consummate backstage artistry as he prepares these songs for concert. Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis will include a 16 page booklet featuring rare photos, previously unseen memorabilia, new liner notes, press clips and more.

Precise, professional, and deadly, a testament to the Presley team being a well-oiled machine... Far from being just another Elvis live record, Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis is a little bit of dynamite, proof that on a good night in 1974, Elvis was still as good as rock & roll got. Stephen Thomas Erlewine Features: 40th Anniversary Edition 180g Audiophile Vinyl 4LP Set 16-page booklet featuring rare photos, previously unseen memorabilia, new liner notes, press clips and more 3-fold gatefold sleeve Remastered audio Import. Selections: Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis LP 1 - Side 1: 1. Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme From 2001: A Space Odyssey) 2. Medley: I Got A Woman / Amen 4. Trying To Get To You 6. Steamroller Blues LP 1 - Side 2: 1. Medley: (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 2. Medley: Long Tall Sally / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On / Your Mama Don't Dance / Flip Flop and Fly / Jailhouse Rock / Hound Dog 4. Why Me Lord LP 2 - Side 3: 1. How Great Thou Art 2.

Medley: Blueberry Hill / I Can't Stop Loving You 5. Help Me LP 2 - Side 4: 1. Let Me Be There 3.

My Baby Left Me 4. Funny How Times Slips Away 6. Can't Help Falling In Love 7. Closing Vamp Recorded Live At The Coliseum, Richmond, March 18, 1974 LP 3 - Side 5: 1. Steamroller Blues LP 3 - Side 6: 1.

LP 4 - Side 7: 1. I Can't Stop Loving You 4. Let Me Be There 7. Funny How Times Slips Away LP 4 - Side 8: 1. Can't Help Falling In Love 2.

Closing Vamp The August 1974 RCA Rehearsal 3. Down In The Alley (Rehearsal take) 4.

Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues (Rehearsal take) 5. Softly As I Leave You (Rehearsal take) 6. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Rehearsal take) 7.

The Twelth Of Never (Rehearsal take). Elvis Presley Girl Happy Soundtrack 180 GRAM LIMITED EDITION LP GATE FOLD JACKET LIMITED TO 500 COPIES. Limited Edition - Only 500 Copies Pressed! Available on 180g Audiophile Vinyl for the First Time! Mastered by Friday Music's Joe Reagoso! In 1965 after a plethora of chart topping albums and a bevy of number one singles, Elvis Presley continued to build his marquee value even further while starring in a staggering amount of feature motion pictures.

More incredible fame followed as the Girl Happy movie starring Elvis Presley became a top box office smash. The 60s beach movie soundtrack album also was a blockbuster as it rose to the top ten charts, making this his 22nd smash album in a row! Both the Girl Happy movie and soundtrack LP truly proved once again that his career was unlike any other in music history. Filled with more hits than a Ft.

Lauderdale jukebox, the Girl Happy album takes off with several smashes in a row, including the classic title track rocker Girl Happy featuring Scotty Moores trail blazing guitar work and the chart hit single Do the Clam. More soundtrack treasures follow with the beautiful hit single ballad Puppet on a String and the rockin Ive Got to Find My Baby, which truly made the album a treasure trove of hits. The album also features the stellar rock blues of Cross My Heart and Hope to Die and the brilliant Red West composition Youll Be Gone. In total, the album showcases 12 important Elvis Presley recordings which have truly gone on to become international classics.

In honor of the Man, the Music, the Legend, the King Of Rock And Roll, Friday Music is very proud and honored to announce the first time 180 Gram Audiophile Soundtrack Vinyl release of the RCA Victor classic Girl Happy by Elvis Presley. Mastered impeccably by Joe The King Of Rock N Roll Jr. Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and manufactured at R. Girl Happy will be a much anticipated audiophile dream release for Elvis fans everywhere! For this exclusive presentation, Friday Music is also including the first time ever gatefold artwork which includes the groundbreaking original LP cover elements as well as rare 45 picture sleeve visuals from this historic Elvis Presley era. They are also enclosing a poly bag to protect your album cover and poly lined inner sleeve to help keep your Elvis vinyl in mint shape. Elvis Presleys Girl Happy: a history making rock soundtrack album from a historic legend, an original stereophonic audiophile dream release, first time gatefold cover, now an audiophile Anniversary vinyl dream come true. Limited Edition - Only 500 Copies Pressed. Gatefold artwork which includes the groundbreaking original LP cover elements as well as rare 45 picture sleeve visuals from this historic Elvis Presley era. Mastered Impeccably by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios. Elvis Presley, vocals, guitar, piano. Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. Cross My Heart and Hope to Die. The Meanest Girl in Town. I've Got to Find My Baby.

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Elvis Presley Audiophile 45 Speed 10 Lp Set Plus 33/13 Live Memphis + Girl Happy

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