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Elvis Presley Domestic First Edition Perajaquet Lp Date Wiz Ls-5162 From Japan Elvis Presley Elvis Today Vinyl Record Sealed NOS ELVIS PRESLEY FOLLOW THAT DREAM EPA-4368 RCA VICTOR Orange Label nm Rare Sleeve Elvis Presley RCA1254 1st pressing Light Pink Cover G2pp -1282 Silver Print Labl ELVIS PRESLEY love me tender/anyway you want VERY RARE SINGLE 7 45 INDIA VG+ ELVIS PRESLEY for lp fans only RCA 12 LP RCA Victor Elvis Presley Ill Never Let You Go/ Sit And Cry Records Elvis Presley The Beatles Ventures Yujiro Ishihara 7 Sheets ELVIS PRESLEY jailhouse rock/treat me nice RARE SINGLE 7 45 INDIA INDIAN VG+ Elvis Presley debut LP pink vinyl HMV ltd edition of 363
Elvis Presley EPA-2 1515 Loving You Volume 2 II EP Orange 1968 NM Rare Elvis Presley Sun Record With Sun Sleeve Thats All Right #209 Truly Mint Elvis Presley / Good Rockin' Tonight / Complete set of 6 colored 45s / Mint Elvis Presley 1965 Japan Only 33rpm STEREO EP I NEED YOU SO Japanese Elvis Don't Cry Daddy Elvis And Lisa Marie 1997 45 Rare White Vinyl Mint MINT? Elvis Presley Just For You EPA-4041 Mega Rare Orange Label Elvis Presley 1956 RCA Victor LPM-1254 Original Mono Rock Vinyl LP Cover Damage Elvis Presley 1963 Japan MONO LP ELVIS' GOLDEN RECORDS, VOL. 3 Japanese ELVIS PRESLEY FUN IN ACAPULCO RARE LP RECORD vinyl GERMANY ex ELVIS PRESLEY mello how would you like/christmas RARE SINGLE 7 45 RPM INDIA VG+
ELVIS PRESLEY hound dog/don't be cruel RCA 1966 RARE SINGLE 7 45 RPM INDIA G+ ELVIS PRESLEY don't cry daddy/rubberneckin RARE SINGLE 7 45 INDIA INDIAN VG ELVIS PRESLEY FOR EVERYONE RARE LP record vinyl INDIA INDIAN 104 VG Elvis Presley Spinout Bonus Photo RCA Victor LPM-3702 1966 Mono Misprint Labels ELVIS PRESLEY I was the one/heartbreak hotel RARE SINGLE 7 45 INDIA INDIAN G+ Elvis Presley DJ-7 Promo 1st Pressing 1S/1S Love Me Tender / Anyway You Want Me ELVIS PRESLEY As Recorded At Madison Square Garden 1978 PROMO PICTURE DISC LP ELVIS PRESLEY ROCKER RARE LP record vinyl INDIA INDIAN 108 VG+ ELVIS PRESLEY wooden heart/puppet on string INDIA RARE 78 RPM RECORD 10 G+ Elvis Presley SINGS FOR CHILDREN CPLI-2901 GOLD STAMP PROMO With card SEALED
ELVIS PRESLEY MOODY BLUE RARE LP record vinyl INDIA INDIAN rca G+ SCARCE ELVIS PRESLEY #1 Hit Singles Collection BOX (x23) 2001 LTD NEW Red Vinyl Elvis Presley (45 & PS) Joshua Fit The Battle/Known Only To Him/USA/1966 Elvis Presley (EPA 2-1515) Loving You Vol. 2/Orange Label/USA/1968 ELVIS PRESLEY ALOHA FROM HAWAII VIA SATELLITE 2DIS RARE LP RECORD KOREA ex ELVIS PRESLEY ELVIS IN G I BLUES RARE LP RECORD vinyl USA ex Elvis Presley 447 0642 Black Rare Single 7 45 RPM India Indian Vg Elvis Presley 447 0643 Black Rare Single 7 45 RPM India Indian Vg Elvis Presley 24 Karet Hits Analogue Productions 3x45rpm 180g vinyl new insured MINT-? Elvis Presley Promo EP's 1 & 2. Includes Rare Hound Dog Blues Version
King creole Original RCA Victor US RELEASE NMINT COVER, RECORD WITH ARMY PHOTO Rare Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii Vinyl 1973 Special Edition ELVIS PRESLEY FUN IN ACAPULCO RARE LP RECORD vinyl 1963 ENGLAND ex Elvis Presley Pop 249 Great Britain Rare 78 RPM Record 10 Vg ELVIS PRESLEYFrankie and JohnnyLPM-3553 (Mono) in SHRINK with Sticker & POSTER ELVIS PRESLEY (2lp) PERSON AT INTERNATONAL HOTEL RARE LP record INDIA 100 VG ELVIS PRESLEY ask me/ain't that loving baby RARE SINGLE 7 45 INDIA INDIAN G+ Elvis Presley? - Something For Everybody (Living Stereo) SHP-5008 Japan LP ELVIS PRESLEY Frankie johnny/Pls don't stop love RARE SINGLE 7 45 RPM INDIA VG+ Elvis Presley Christmas With Elvis Scarce New Zealand ep NZ RPX 1110
Elvis Presley Girl Happy 1967 KOREA Old Vintage Vinyl LP Elvis Presley I Want To Be Free Elvis presley paradise hawaiian Style Lsp 3643 Canadian Import rare Tan cen 1976 Elvis Presley RCA Victor EPA 4006 Rare Upside Down Label Error Blank RARE 1956 Elvis Presley & Ann Margret Cover Rare KOREA Unique Vinyl LP V/A Paradise Label 53 Elvis Presley records

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