ELVIS PRESLEY That's All Right 78 on Sun 209, nice condition, beautiful labels

ELVIS PRESLEY That's All Right 78 on Sun 209, nice condition, beautiful labels
ELVIS PRESLEY That's All Right 78 on Sun 209, nice condition, beautiful labels

ELVIS PRESLEY That's All Right 78 on Sun 209, nice condition, beautiful labels

UNEXPECTED; PLEASE CHECK OUT MY OTHER ELVIS SUN 78's. ELVIS PRESLEY - "That's All Right" b/w "Blue Moon of Kentucky" on Sun 209. Shellac, not vinyl, of course. RECORD GRADE: V or a 5 on a 10 scale.

The record retains a good deal of gloss on both sides. Of course, there are scuffs and surface marks how often does an Elvis 78 turn up in Near Mint condition? But all the scuffs and scratches are surface; nothing deep that would cause a skip or a repeat. It's a nice record. LABELS: The labels are yellow and brown. They are in excellent condition. No writing, stickers, tears or the like. The colors are bright and vivid. There are some spindle marks around the center hole on both sides but nothing very noticeable. This record will be mailed in a "mighty music mailer" designed specifically for 10 records from Bags Unlimited. All records are carefully graded. In an attempt to give customers an accurate impression of condition rather than adhere to somewhat arbitrary criteria, I give an "overall presentation" grade, supplemented when necessary with additional remarks. Please refer to my grading system below for a more detailed explanation. Ve been told that I grade conservatively. My NM (near mint) is my highest grade for opened records (which would also include unplayed records). S a 9 or 10 on a 1-10 scale. M- would be equivalent to an 8; VG++ to a 7; VG+ to a 6; VG to a 5; VG- to a 4; G to a 3; F to a 2 and P to a 1. The same scale applies when I grade covers (jackets). Significant defects are specifically noted and taken into consideration in the grade.

GRADING is based on the following criteria. Sealed = store stock new. Near Mint = like new or near new with only one or two small insignificant defects, a 9 or better on a 1-10 scale.

Near Mint Minus (or NM-) = very nice. Would be Near Mint, except for a couple of light hairlines or scuffs, which do not affect play. VG++ = still a very nice record with all or nearly all of its original gloss but may have a few more light, surface marks, hairlines, needle tracks or the like which should not materially effect play. VG+ = a nice, but used record that may have a series of light scuffs or scratches. It probably plays with a few pops, but has no serious problems.

VG = a well-used record that still should sound OK when played, but may have moderate surface noise, pops, etc. VG- = a well-worn record that plays through without skipping, but will do until a better copy comes along. Good = not actually good at all but probably will play through but with much in the way of surface noise, pops, crackles, etc. Still, will have no cracks, chips or the like. Re getting this record just to own but not to play. S the limit, generally I will discard a record this bad (and sell the cover, jacket or sleeve alone) unless the label holds some particular interest. VISUAL GRADING: All records are visually graded only unless I state that they are play-graded.

Some major labels were pressed on better. And will sound better than a record which visually appears the same on "budget" labels which were pressed on lower quality vinyl. The sound on live albums may be far inferior to studio recordings. There may also be defects in the pressing which are invisible.

The point is that an album on a high quality label that was visually graded VG+ may sound better than an album on a budget label that was visually graded Mint- or even Near Mint. T be shocked if a record visually graded Near Mint doesn? T sound state of the art. If I base my grade on a PLAY GRADE, I will state this specifically in my grading section. COVERS: There are really too many possible defects regarding covers to be as specific in my definitions as I had been with my record grades.

But please keep in mind these general grading guidelines. I will give greater weight to the condition of the front cover than back cover when assigning an overall grade.

No cover with a cut out hole or saw mark will be graded Near Mint even if it is still in factory shrink and there is no other wear. I will not reduce the grade of a cover for stickers which are glued to the jacket by the record company eg. Contains the hit song Expressway to Your Heart; but will reduce the grade for stickers glued on the cover by stores, previous owners, etc. If I write that a cover has a bb hole, I? M talking about a small cut out hole.

A saw mark is a narrow cut in the perimeter of the cover, could be anywhere and vary in length from 1/2? The overall grade takes into consideration any stated defects. For example, if I grade a cover VG+ and then state it has 6? Top and bottom seam splits - I?

Ve already reduced the grade because of the seam splits. T split, the cover would be graded higher such as VG++ or Mint. Please wait until I send you an invoice or request an invoice when combining two or more records or cd's in one. Ve been listing all types of records - mostly LP? Roll, country, folk jazz, blues, personalities, new wave and punk, surf, psych, spoken word, comedy, etc.

I try to list unusual, unique or obscure records, not the ones that you see all the time. While a majority of my listings are albums, you? Ll often find a nice selection of 45? And an occasional 78 or two. You may return an item if it's not in the condition described. You may not return items if you decide you don't like the music. While a very high percentage of my records arrive safe and sound I use professional mailers and a filler or two, more for 78?

S, they occasionally are damaged in transit. If that happens, I won?

T accept the return of the record or other item. Sealed Records: After a sealed record is paid for, I will gladly open it before mailing to make sure that the record is new & unplayed. Even though it is easy to spot most resealed records from the 50's and 60's [I will mention that in the desription if it looks like a possibility], not all records from the 70's & 80's are quite as obvious. Please ask for any details about the seal of a particular record & I will be happy to answer. THERE IS AN ERROR IN THE "SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES" SECTION OF THIS LISTING. THIS IS NOT (OBVIOUSLY) A WHITE LABEL PROMO. YES, IT IS A 1ST PRESSING. The item "ELVIS PRESLEY That's All Right 78 on Sun 209, nice condition, beautiful labels" is in sale since Thursday, August 31, 2017. This item is in the category "Music\Records". The seller is "recordsnc" and is located in Cary, North Carolina. This item can be shipped worldwide.
ELVIS PRESLEY That's All Right 78 on Sun 209, nice condition, beautiful labels

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